Honorary Senator Prof. Klaus Töpfer

The association pursues the following aims:

  • Promoting the business location of Germany on behalf of the common good.
  • Promoting an eco-human market economy at national and international levels.
      • Ecological sustainability for the conservation of human, nature and environment for the following generations; ecological sustainability for the creation of permanent, sustainable foundations for purchasing and prosperity; social sustainability in the sense of a sustainable, liveable society that enables fair participation for all its members.
  • Promoting ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Compliance in economics, politics and society.
  • Promoting a positive public image of members of governments, parliaments and public services.
  • Promoting a positive public picture of economic enterprises and leaders.
  • Promoting non-profit and social projects.
  • Promoting fair collaboration between companies of all sizes and legal forms as well as state and international institutions.
  • Promoting the economic interests of its members.

The Senate of Economy is dedicated to the aims of the United Nations and all its sub-organisations: the World Trade Point Federation, the Global Compact and also to the code of honour of the ethics association of the German economy e.V. (EVW).

These aims should be achieved through:

  • Informing and advising decision-makers in politics and administration. Planning approaches to political decision-making on behalf of the public good through senatorial commissions.
  • Private and networked research and think-tank-performances, for example self-publications, conferences, conversations with political decision-makers and membership of the Global Economic Network (GEN) as well as cooperation in national and international organisations.  
  • Sharing experience and cooperation with enterprises, leaders and representatives from the world of economics, politics, media, science and research, both at home and abroad.
  • Awarding and foundation of distinctions, honours and prizes.  
  • Foundation of or interest in those with a legal background for the implementation of mutual economic objectives.
  • Donations to non-profit institutions.
  • Lecture events, seminars, study groups and social events, sharing experience and cooperation of the members among themselves as well as with service partners, consultants and expert networks.

Activities of the Senate

  • Conversations and events with members of the government, senior party politicians, parliamentarians, scientists, diplomats etc. 
  • Collaboration in commissions and study groups
  • Social events
  • Economic forums and lecture events
  • Coordination of contact requests by Senate members (networking)

Tasks of the Senate

  • Contributing to informing and consulting decision-makers in politics and administrations at national, European and international levels. 
  • Contributing to the political decision-making process by the development of suggestions for bills and the active participation in hearing procedures of parliament and government. 
  • Promoting a positive public image of economic enterprises and leaders due to the role model function of its members. 
  • Appointing competent interlocutors, selected from its members,  for interviews, statements and reports in the media. 
  • Funding of studies towards the development of approaches in the interests of the aims of the association. 
  • Awarding and foundation of distinctions, honours and prizes.




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